Suministro de Instrumentos y Elementos de Montaje, S.A. is a family company established in 1978.

SEDEM is the acronym of the corporate name, logo and trademark.

Social Capital of 504.840 Euros

Our facilities are located in the southwest of the city of Barcelona, well connected, close to airport, port, train station and road ring.

The surface occupancy lasts 600 sqm, divided into: 275 sqm offices, 175 sqm workshop, 150 sqm warehouse.

Oficinas sedem


We provide advice and solution to the industrial market:

1.- Engineering, design and manufacturing of primary elements for temperature and flow measurement.

2.- Distribution of instrumentation for industrial process, I.S. communication & mobile computing and connection and disconnection solutions for fluids.

sedem taller 1


sedem taller 2


SEDEMs Quality Management System is certified by LRQA according to ISO 9001 since 1998. 

The manufactured products are welded according to ISO 3834 Quality Standard for Welding.

The ATEX temperature elements are certified by LOM according to ISO 80079-34.

The team is made up of twenty professionals with wide experience in marketing, manufacturing and management.

The organization is functional and flexible.

Our strategic objectives are:

  • cultivate company's nature of serving the industry
  • develop own brand and build partners loyalty
  • grow in both domestic and international markets
  • boost professional and personal development
  • preserve the familial identity of the company