SEDEM began operating in the late 60s, as section of Junyent & Bofill S.A., a leader company in industrial process control and automation, by supplying connecting elements. Years after were obtained the first exclusive Spanish distribution agreements of foreign manufacturers specialized in measurement and control instrumentation for industrial process.

SEDEM became an independent company in 1978 and was set up as a family business under the current name:

Suministro de Instrumentos y Elementos de Montaje, S.A.

SEDEM is the acronym of the corporate name, logo and trademark


The activity stays focused on industry and as mix of:

1.- Manufacturing of primary elements for temperature and flow measurement, equipping a workshop of machining, welding and assembly, as well as a calibration and quality control laboratory.

2.- Distribution of instrumentation for industrial process, I.S. communication & mobile computing and connection and disconnection solutions for fluids.

In 1998, the company obtained ISO 9001 certificate, confirming its quality management system. Temperature sensors have ATEX certification to operate in explosive atmospheres in accordance with ISO 80079-34.


Around year 2000, were reviewed product strategy and portfolio of represented brands in order to achieve a greater degree of specialization in measuring temperature, flow, level and pressure, I.S. communication & mobile computing and connecting solutions.

In 2009, was boosted the expansion of own brand products to foreign markets with the creation of engineering and technical office departments for EPCs projects of industrial process plants.

In 2018, the company proudly celebrates the 40th anniversary of its foundation.