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Temperature, pressure and process calibration.

AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration? Because calibration is a matter of confidence!

AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of calibration instruments for temperature, pressure and process signals as well as for temperature sensors both from a commercial and a technological point of view.

Jofra, Crystal and Mansfield & Green are just some of the world-leading brands manufactured and supplied by AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration, which mission is to produce pressure, temperature, and process measuring equipments and calibrators that serve a wide range of industries in compliance to international standards.

A comprehensive range of temperature, pressure and process calibrators, reference temperature sensors, pressure gauges, pressure recorders, pump systems, deadweight testers, multifunction calibrators and calibration software are backed up by an impressive customer support program that includes technical support, field and factory service, calibration and more.

Temperature calibrators

Dry-block and liquid bath temperature calibrators include 6 series with more than 25 models and temperature ranges from -100 to 1.205°C. All feature portability, accuracy, speed and advanced documenting functions with JofraCal calibration software. AMETEK calibrators include the smallest and coldest dry-block temperature calibrator available.

  • RTC - Reference temperature calibrator: -100 to 700°C to ± 0.04°C. The most advanced and accurate calibrator with the widest range. Combine with the DLC system for perfect temperature uniformity.
  • PTC - Professional temperature calibrator: -90 to 660°C to ± 0.06°C. Matches lab features like a wide range, high accuracy, stability and speed into a single industrial calibrator.
  • ITC - Industrial temperature calibrator: -23 to 650°C to ± 0.18°C. Provides portability and ease-of-use at a reasonable cost, without sacrificing accuracy, performance or features.
  • CTC - Compact temperature calibrator -25 to 1.205°C to ± 0.2°C. Fast, timesaving, reliable calibrator designed for on-site use, featuring buttons for switch test and auto stepping.
  • MTC - Marine temperature calibrator: -17 to 650°C to ± 0.4°C. Fast, timesaving, cost effective calibrator designed specifically for the maritime industry, with a three year calibration interval.
  • ETC - Easy temperature calibrator: -10 to 400°C to ± 0.5°C. Ideal calibrator when time is the critical factor and the highest accuracy is not a requirement.

Temperature indicators

Combined with STS sensors, are fully traceable reference thermometers used to verify temperature in any type of calibrator, liquid bath or dry-block. Combine with both smart and standard temperature sensors to directly measure critical temperatures in process environments and custody transfers. The DTI Series includes both bench top and hand-held temperature indicator types:

  • DTI-1000 - Bench top: range -200 to 750°C and system accuracy to ±0.03°C
  • DTI-050 - Hand-held: range -200 to 2.500°C and system accuracy to ±0.04°C

Reference temperature sensors

For laboratory or field calibration applications. A large selection of types and shapes are available. The superior design and specifications combined with a long history of reliability and low drift have made the STS probes the working-standard in many EN/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories worldwide.

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Digital pressure gauges

For a large variety of applications and markets that include intrinsically safe percentual reading gauges, process gauges, differential pressure gauges, panel mounted gauges and gauges specifically designed for use in the maritime industry. Whether you’re looking for a pressure gauge with long battery life to mount in hard to reach locations, a pressure gauge to collect and store readings in the field in extreme conditions or one that doesn’t require recalibration for up to three years, AMETEK has the perfect digital pressure gauge for you.

  • XP2i - Digital pressure gauge: vacuum to 15 000 psi to ±0.1%. World's most popular test gauge is the oil & gas industry standard for hazardous area pressure measurement.
  • XP2i-DP - Differential pressure gauge: up to 100 psi to ±0.1%. Ultra rugged, intrinsically safe, capable of continuous vacuum measurement with highest accuracy.
  • WT - Digital pressure gauge: vacuum to 10.000 psi/700 bar to ±0.1% of reading. Designed to replicate dimensions and connections of the most common test gauges mounted in portable cases.
  • m1 - Digital pressure gauge: vacuum to 10.000 psi/700 bar to ±0.2%. Ideal replacement for process gauges, featuring large numbers, bright display and 3 year battery life.
  • m1M - Digital pressure gauge: vacuum to 3.000 psi/200 bar to ±0.25%. Featuring a 3 year recommended calibration interval, DNV approval and an easy-to-use, time-saving user interface.

Pressure calibrators

Wide variety of features, accuracies and pressure ranges that include intrinsically safe percentual reading calibrators, dual sensor calibrators and calibrators with built in pressure pumps. Many also offer current and voltage measurement, 24V-loop power supply and even complete systems with pressure pump and calibration software. In many cases, one handheld pressure calibrator can replace multiple instruments, reducing ongoing recalibration and maintenance costs.

  • 30 Series - Pressure calibrator: vacuum to 5.000 psi/300 bar to ± 0.05%. Very easy to use, compact and light handheld instrument featuring two separate pressure ports and connections to read mA.
  • HPC40 - Pressure calibrator:  vacuum to 15.000 psi/1.000 bar to ± 0.035%. The world's first combined pressure and mA-loop calibrator fully temperature compensated from -20 to 50°C. Combined with any of the AMETEK pump systems provides a complete calibration kit.
  • HPC600 - Pressure calibrator: vacuum to 300 psi/20 bar to ± 0.02%. A true multifunction solution, designed to save time, money and space: pressure indicator, pressure calibrator, mA-loop calibrator (including 24V supply), voltmeter, thermometer and pressure/vacuum generator, featuring a built-in electrical pump to generating up to 20 bar at the touch of a single key.
  • nVision - Reference pressure recorder: vacuum to 15.000 psi/1.000 bar to ± 0.025%. Reads and records up to 1 million data points and downloads to industry standard spreadsheets or tamper-proof pdf-files. Enough accurate to replace a deadweight tester, rugged to sit in 3 feet of water and portable to complete calibrations anywhere.
  • nVision Lab - Reference recorder: vacuum to 15.000 psi/1.000 bar to ± 0.025%. To sit on a test bench, mount in an instrument panel or include in a rack mount. Accurate enough to replace a laboratory deadweight tester and a chart recorder of high accuracy and frequency. Download data as you test, view them on the built-in LCD and store up to 1 million data points.
  • CrystalCalHP - Calibration system: 0 to 15.000 psi/1.000 bar to ± 0.1%. Portable gauge, chart recorder and transmitter calibration system 10 times faster than a deadweight tester. A calibration lab in a box! 
  • APM CPF - Pressure module: vacuum to 15.000 psi/1.000 bar to ± 0.025%. Functionality and flexibility to perform pressure calibrations with a multifunction calibrator or in combination with a hand-held pressure calibrator to expand its range, delivering the same high level accuracy whether in the lab or in the field.

Pressure pumps and accessories

Pressure hand pumps, together with comparators, fittings and hoses, are the perfect complement to AMETEK pressure gauges and calibrators. Each is available as a stand-alone pump or part of a complete system, indicator included. Pneumatic and hydraulic hand pumps, pressure comparators up to 15.000 psi/1.000 bar and the safest, most reliable pressure fitting and hose system. The pressure generation equipment to make your job easier.

Deadweight testers

AMETEK provides the world’s only ball-type deadweight testers, where the ball and weights float on a thin film of air, which is virtually frictionless. This design eliminates the necessity to rotate the weights during testing and allows the user to concentrate on the instrument itself. Testers engineered to offer user-friendly, safe operation, in the field or in a lab. Five different models of pneumatic and hydraulic testers with ranges to 30 psi/2 bar, 300 psi/20 bar, 1.500 psi/100 bar, 3.000 psi/200 bar and 15.000 psi/1.000 bar up to 0.015% accuracy.

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Multifunction process calibrators

AMETEK multifunction process calibrators read and source RTD, thermocouple, current, voltage, frequency and resistance values to verify or calibrate process sensors. They can also be combined with APM CPF pressure modules to calibrate pressure or a dry-block calibrator to calibrate temperature.

  • ASC-400 - Multifunction calibrator. Featuring a large color display and an advanced simplicity, easy-to-use interface, it combines into only one device error calculation, scaling, leak-testing and switch calibrating.
  • AMC910 - Process calibrator. Used for high precision calibration of process, temperature and pressure signals, it provides laboratory calibrator features and a measurement channel.
  • CSC Series - Multifunction calibrators. Designed to meet the high-accuracy demands of modern sensors and transmitters.

Process multi-scanner ASM Series

Provides a time-saving, automation solution to calibrate multiple temperature or pressure sensors simultaneously. The ASM contains an eight channel scanner controlled by Jofracal software from a PC and can handle signals from RTDs, TCs and transmitters, as well as temperature and voltage switches.

This scanner may be combined with the AMETEK temperature, pressure and process calibrators. Use in any place where temperature and pressure measurement is critical and require to create traceable documents for sensor calibration.

mA-Loop calibrators

Economical and easy-to-use calibration devices for sourcing and measuring mA signals. Measure and source current to 24 mA and measure voltage to 45 VDC. Combine 24VDCPS power supply unit with handheld pressure calibrator to calibrate transmitters in the field.

  • mAcal - Loop calibrator. Designed specifically for 2-wire transmitter loops with 4 to 20 mA signals.
  • CSC Series - Loop calibrator. Designed to meet the high-accuracy demands of modern sensors and transmitters.
  • 24VDCPS - Loop power supply.. A compact 24VDC loop power supply, battery-powered, ideal for sites where power is unavailable.

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AMETEK provides multiple software solutions to both enhance and simply the use of own instruments.

Calibration software
Provides an easy way to calibrate gauges, RTDs, thermocouples, transmitters, thermoswitches and pressure switches using AMETEK equipment as the reference. Complete a full calibration from entering gauge data to printing out a calibration certificate in under 3 minutes.

Logging software
Works with the AMETEK pressure gauges, calibrators and multi-scanners to turn them into recording devices. Use XP2i gauges and ASM multi-scanners to create digital records of your tests. Record live or average pressure value, as quick as once per second, and save to a file.

Configuration software
Allows you to customize your gauge by removing units, adding task specific modes, disabling buttons, set logging details and much more. This software provides a quick and easy way to customize your AMETEK equipment to fit your own specific needs.

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