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Temperature measurement. Recording and traceability.

Founded in Japan in 1913 and established as CHINO Works Ltd. in 1936, today, CHINO Corporation, has as line of business the manufacture and sales of measuring and control instrumentation equipments.

CHINO satisfies versatile and advancing needs through the development of new technologies based on its own and long experience.

Infrared radiation thermometers IR Series

  • Hand-held, on-line and scanner types
  • Ranges from -50ºC to 3.500ºC
  • Single-color and two-color types
  • High-speed response
  • Data storage and transmission
  • Emissivity compensation

Thermal image CPA and TP Series

  • Compact or fix-mount camera types, multiple lens options
  • Ranges from -40°C to 800°C
  • Real time temperature measuring
  • Image processing functions
  • 8.4-inch color LCD screen with VGA output
  • Ethernet connectivity with PC or customer's LAN

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Graphic recorders

  • KR2000 Series, 5.6" display
  • KR3000 Series, 12.1" display

Network-compatible paperless recorders with high performance and high operating function employing high visibility color LCD display and touch panel operation system.


  • Universal input type
  • 12, 24, 36 and 48 points
  • 100 ms high speed sampling rate
  • ±0.1% high accuracy
  • 136 MB data memory

Hybrid recorders

  • AL4000 Series, 100 mm chart and 1 to 4 pen or 6-points
  • AH4000 Series, 180 mm chart and 1 to 4 pen or 6/12/24-points

Hybrid recorders which employ bright and clear, easy to view LCD display. Measuring value display is prepared as one point display, multi-points simultaneous display and digital display plus bar graph display.


  • Full multi range
  • Easy data management by communication interface
  • Various programming functions

Analog recorders

  • ES600  Series, 60 mm chart and 1 pen or 1/2/3/6-points
  • EL3000 Series, 100 mm chart and 1 to 3 pen or 1/2/3/6-points
  • EH3000 Series, 180 mm chart and 1 to 3 pen or 1/2/3/6/12-points

Compact analog industrial recorders highly reliable and of easy operation.

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Blackbody furnaces IR-R Series

Joint developed with National Metrology Institute of Japan, consist of a furnace body and fixed-point cells for enabling various fixed-point calibration of standard radiation thermometers, featuring:

  • Practical, comparison and fixed-point design models
  • Diverse fixed-point metal cells of easy exchange
  • Temperature ranges up tp 3.000ºC
  • Accuracy de ±0.3°C, repeteability of ±0.1°C and long-term stability

Standard infrared radiation thermometers IR-RST Series

Joint developed with National Metrology Institute of Japan, are applicable for traceability of calibrating conventional radiation thermometers, featuring:

  • Calibration from 150 to 3.000ºC
  • Three models for low to mid, high and 4-point temperature calibration

Standard thermometers R800 and C800 Series

  • Platinum resistance thermometers conforming ITS-90 rules
  • Thermocouples types S, R and B; EMF-thermal table prepared on request

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‚ÄčOn-line Infrared moisture multi-analizers, IM Series


  • Real time simultaneous measuring of constituent, moisture, thickness and coating
  • Compact all-in-one detector unit of easy installation and operation
  • ModBUS and Ethernet connectivity, high speed and repeatability
  • Self-diagnostic function and easy maintenance

Temperature & humidity meters, HN-C Series


  • Palm-sized and on-line models
  • Measuring ranges from -40 to 180ºC and 0-100% RH
  • Accuracy ratings of ±0.3°C and ±2%RH
  • RS-232C or RS-485 communication interface

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Indicating controllers and program controllers


  • Single-loop and PID/Z control modes
  • Universal input and multiple setting values
  • Indicating accuracy of ±0.1%
  • Highly-functional operation and settings screen

Thyristor regulators


  • Single-phase and three-phase, panel installation
  • Heat disconnection alarm and current limitation
  • Protection against short-circuit, over-current and heat-sink
  • Self-diagnosis for abnormal operation

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