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Accurate turbine flowmeters.

Choosing the right device is an important decision and providing accurate flow measurement solutions is the specialty of Hoffer Flows Controls. Whether in applications in industrial plants, truck mounted or in the most severe environments, such as subsea or military.

Hoffer has the solution for your liquid and gas flow applications.

Hoffer Flows Controls Inc. was incorporated in 1969 in the state of New Jersey, US. Since then, Hoffer Flow Controls has been designing and manufacturing quality turbine flowmeters and related process instrumentation. The initial experience was in the field of cryogenic flow measurement. Nowadays, His reputation in this field is synonymous with quality.

Today, Hoffer Flow Controls manufactures high precision turbine flowmeters, not only for the cryogenic industry, but is world leader in turbine flowmeter technology for the measurement of clean liquids and gases throughout the processing industries. In addition, offers magnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters.

Precision turbine flowmeters for liquids and gases HO Series

  • Outstanding accuracy at low cost
  • Line size from 1/4" to 12", wide flow ranges 
  • Multiple process connections and construction materials
  • Operates over a wide range of temperatures and pressures

Mid-cost turbine flowmeters for liquids Star Series

  • Line size from 1/4” to 3”, several flow ranges
  • Rugged design, dependable service and timely delivery
  • Applications where cost is of primary concern:
  • water flood, fuel metering, petroleum and chemical products, etc.

Low-cost turbine flowmeters for liquids LC Series

  • Economical but dependable flow solution
  • Line size from 1/4” thru 2”, nine flow ranges
  • Private labelling available (i.e. OEMs)
  • Interfaced with all HOFFER line of electronics

Low flow rates turbine flowmeters for liquids and gases MF Series

  • Clean, low viscosity liquids and gas measurement
  • Accuracy up to +/-1% linearity and +/-0.25% repeatability
  • Line size of 1/2", twelve flow ranges

Insertion turbine flowmeters for liquids and gases HP Series

  • Medium to large pipe diameter from 4” to 72”, specials upon request
  • Fixed, adjustable, bi-directional and high pressure versions
  • Installattion or removal from active line without stopping service
  • More economical design than in-line flowmeters

Sanitary-type turbine flowmeters for liquids HO-3A Series 

  • Compliant with ASME-BPE-2014 leading standard for equipments to biopharmaceuticals
  • Line size from 1/4” thru 3”, eleven flow ranges
  • Standard Tri-Clamp™ end fittings process connection

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Custody transfer turbine flowmeters

The Hoffer CT Series turbine flowmeters provide extremely accurate custody transfer grade flow measurement. These flowmeters are typically used in liquid petroleum products, specially recommended for flow applications where high resolution (pulse count) is critical in order to achieve custody transfer grade accuracy.

Other Oil & Gas turbine flowmeters

  • High-pressure wing-nut flowmeters
  • Grooved oil-patch flowmeters
  • Wafer for gas service flowmeters
  • Subsea flowmeters
  • High-accuracy gas flowmeters

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Cryogenic measuring systems

ICE  and ACE II are advanced truck-mounted systems for cryogenic flow metering. Their designs culminate from over 40 years of Hoffer experience with cryogenic fluid measurement.

A typical system includes electronic unit, turbine flow meter and temperature sensor. As option, pressure sensor and printer. The full color graphical display and electronic touch screen ensure user-friendly operator interface and provide direct access to all measurement and configuration parameters.

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CAT Series microprocessor controlled transmitters convert the low level frequency signal of from the turbine flowmeter into an output signal proportional to flow rate.

  • Input signal range from 0.2 Hz to 4 KHz
  • Output signals 4-20 mA/0-10V and pulse
  • Power supply thru 2-wire loop at 24VDC or 4-wire at 220AC
  • Optional Hi/Lo alarms by relay, 0-5V or open colector
  • Windows® software for configuration, diagnostics and monitoring (RS232 port)
  • Enclosure options: DIN rail-mount ,extruded aluminum, explosion-proof

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Rate indicators and totalizers HRT1 & HIT-4U Series

  • DC pulse input signal from turbine flowmeter
  • 4-20mA analog output signal
  • Optional alarm outputs configurable for rate and total
  • Power supply thru 2-wire loop at 24VDC or battery
  • HART® and ModBUS® communication protocol
  • Data-logging of hourly total, daily total and event logs

Nova-Flow & Flow-Star Series Flow computers

  • Nova-Flow Series are flexible, modular flow computers designed for basic rate and total flow display as well as for batch control for liquid and gas flow measurement.
  • Flow-Star Series are microprocessor based volumetric flow rate indicators/totalizers, mass flow computers and mass/volumetric batch controllers for liquids and gases.

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