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Level & flow measurement.

Since the founding of Intra-Automation GmbH in 1977, the corporate activity has focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of tank level measuring systems and flow measurement with primary elements based in differential pressure. ITA magnetic level gauges and ITABAR flow sensors have been the driving forces for the successful development of Intra-Automation GmbH.

Today, Intra products are recognized in more than 50 countries and in numerous industries around the world, including the chemical, pharmaceutical and oil & gas sectors, the food, shipyard and machinery industries, water treatment and environmental engineering and construction of industrial plants.

Magnetic level gauges ITA

The ITA level indicators offers a reliable, accident-free and maintenance-free usage through a simple and break-resistant construction, with a process pressure up to 320 bar and a temperature range from -50°C through 400°C. The fluid level is indicated directly with a separation of the measurement and indication areas. The magnetic transfer of the fluid level from the tank to the indicator is continuous and vibration-resistant, even in the case of fast changing levels.

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Magnetic level gauges Maglink

The Maglink is a magnetic level gauge mechanically geared where a magnet, connected to the drive cable, follows the float. Level is visualized by an analogue gauge without external power supply. This guarantees a simple, reliable measurement, that requires no calibration. Remote electronic indicators or alarm switches can be connected.

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Transparent level gauges ITA-G

Due to regulations by law, practical applications or other reasons, it can be necessary that a fluid level can be observed directly. For that kind of applications, Intra-Automation has developed its own series of tubular (ITA-GG), reflex (ITA-RG) and transparent (ITA-TG) level gauges. Together with magnetic level gauge (ITA) and several electronic transmitters, is offered a complete product line for level monitoring.

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Magnetic multi-float level switches ITA-T1R

The ITA-T1R is a multi-float level switch. Six switch points for media up to 100°C and 0,5 Kg/dm³ can be combined in one instrument.

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Magnetic level sensing transmitters ITA-T1S

The ITA-T1S liquid level transmitters, vertically mounted in the tank and cable-connected (3-wire) to a remote receiver operates on the float principle. A float guided on a non-magnetic tube follows the level of the liquid surface, thereby actuating the reed switches located inside the tube by means of a built-in magnet system.

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Pitot Tubes ITABAR

The measuring principle of a Pitot Tube is based on the theory of differential pressure. A simple, though effective measurement method, combining low installation and operation costs with great reliability measuring gases, liquids and steam. The process connection can be threaded or flanged.

Intra Automation offers the choice of different sensors types, depending on the size of the line and the operating conditions of the fluid.

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Wedge-meters IWM

Compared to other types of meters based on the differential pressure principle, the wedge-meter requires shorter straight tube lengths upstream and downstream and provides excellent accuracy and repeatability.

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Cone-meters ICM

The new concept of flow measurement by differential pressure theory that eliminates weak points by orifice plate and Vortex flowmeter.

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