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Infrared thermometers.

The infrared thermometers manufactured in Japan by Optex Co. Ltd. measure the surface temperature of objects by means of an innovative sensing technology.

Every object emits infrared energy from its surface and Optex optical pyrometers detect and converts the amount of infrared energy into a temperature value. Because the measuring principle is non-contact, it enables quick and easy measurement of the temperature from a safe distance.

Optex portable and fixed-mount non-contact thermometers can be used in a wide range of applications for temperature control during production process as food, air conditioning and automotive industries or factory automation and maintenance fields.

Optex works permanently in the development of highly reliable yet easy to use temperature measuring instruments.

BA Series from 0 to 500ºC

  • Fast response time: 100 ms / 90%
  • Emissivity adjustment e-TEACH function
  • Built-in amplifier and digital display
  • Analog output: 4-20 mA or 1 mV/ºC
  • Coaxial laser guide

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BS Series from 0 to 500°C

  • Response time: 800 ms / 90%
  • Emissivity adjustment e-TEACH function
  • Separate amplifier with digital display
  • Analog output: 4-20 mA or 1 mV/ºC
  • Extendible sensor connection cable

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CS Series from -40 to 500ºC and CS-HT Series from 0 to 1.000ºC

  • Smallest sensor head worldwide, installable in a limited space
  • Usable up to 180℃ ambient temperature without cooling
  • Highest waterproof rating IP69K
  • Unique water repellent coating, easy maintenance
  • 4 kinds of optical specification
  • Large digital display with 7-segment LED
  • Easy temperature adjustment - 2 points teaching function

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BF Series from 400 to 1.200°C

  • High-speed response time: 50 ms / 90%
  • Emissivity adjustment e-TEACH function
  • Compact and heatproof sensor head
  • Analog output: 4-20 mA or 1 mV/ºC
  • Optional (2, 5 or 10 m) fiber optic cable

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Models SA-80T-2A from 0 to 200ºC and SA-80T-4A from 0 to 400ºC

  • High-speed response time 100 ms / 90%
  • Waterproof grade IP67
  • High heat resistance up to 70°C of ambient temperature
  • Sensor with high noise resistance and accurate measurement
  • Analog output of 4-20mA highly resistant to noise
  • Cylindrical shape enabling installation in a limited space

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Model VF-3000 from 600 to 2.000ºC (2-color mode) and from 400 to 3.000ºC (1-color mode)

  • Switchable measuring ranges
  • Continuous measuring mode
  • Long focus of 20 mm at 4 m distance
  • Measurement value in viewfinder and display
  • Hi/Lo alarms

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Pen type model

PT-3S from 0 to 200°C

  • Ø2.5mm spot measurement
  • Continuous measuring mode and auto power off
  • LED-spot marker and audible focusing guide

Pocket sized models

PT-2 from -40 to 510°C
PT-02 from -40.0 to 200.0°C

  • Quick response 0.8 sec
  • Optical resolution 100/1000mm (D:S = 10:1)
  • Laser guide & LCD back-light

Waterproof, shock resistance models

PT-5LD from 0 to 500°C
PT-7LD from -30.0 to 200°C

  • High accuracy of ±1°C at room temperature (PT-7LD)
  • Continuous measurement without pressing the button
  • Hi/Lo alarm and 99-point data memory

High performance, easy operation models

PT-S80 from -30 to 600°C
PT-U80 from -30 to 600°C

  • Long focus design (150mm square from 5m distance)
  • Large display with automatic EL back-light
  • Visible and audible high/low alarm
  • Interactive with USB interface (PT-U80)

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