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Flow measurement solutions to industrial process.

The flow measuring technique based on differential pressure was developed over 100 years ago and still today continues to be the most installed, specially in power, chemical and oil & gas industry.

SEIKO Flowcontrol GmbH was founded in 1968 and, since then, the company has gained considerable know-how in the design and the manufacturing of differential pressure flow elements. This long-time experience and the extended production capabilities makes SEIKO the prefered supplier in many industries.

SEIKO offers a complete range of flow elements including restriction orifices, orifice plate and flanges assemblies, flow nozzles (throat-tap type also), meter run assemblies, venturi tubes and averaging Pitot tubes.

The design of flow elements can be done according to all major standards and the welding department is qualified according to EN and ASME standards. The in-house capabilities for non-destructive testing include pressure and leackage test, ultrasonic and radiographic inspection and dye-penetration, hardness and PMI survey and testing.

All deliveries can be backed-up with customized full set of technical and quality documentation.
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