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Turbine flowmeters.

Solutions for fluid technology - Made in Germany.

VSE Volumentechnik GmbH, German company founded in 1989, develops and manufactures highly-precise flow measuring devices for almost all pumpable media as well as electronic evaluation devices. The inhouse development and design department comes up with technically solutions tailored to the client's individual requirements. Thus, customer specific flow sensors with highest accuracy can be designed and manufactured within shortest development times.

Customer advice and guidance forms the basis for innovative and efficient flow measurement technology. The range of products is continuously improved by evaluating customer needs and observing the market. VSE is acting globally combining the own sales offices with a distribution and service network. VSE is always where the client is.

Primary areas of application of the VSE flowmeters include dosing and filling technology or mixture monitoring. This makes to be devices worldwide interesting for chemical, pharmaceutical and automobile industries, as well as for diverse number of industrial sectors as plastics, paints and coatings, hydraulics and also dual-component processes.

Positive displacement flow meters are volume rate measuring sensors based on the meshing gear principle and are designed for use with liquids. Two precisely matched gear wheels are enclosed in a very accurately machined housing. Gear rotation is sensed by a non-contacting signal magnetic pick-up system where each tooth generates an impulse according to the carrier frequency principle.

VS Series are VSE standard sensors and VSI Series provides very high resolution for precise flow measurement.

  • Flow range from 0,002 to 525 l/min up to 2.000 Hz frequency
  • Viscosity range from 1 to 100.000 cSt
  • Operating conditions up tp 450 bar and from -40 to 210°C
  • Applications: dosing, hydraulic systems, monitoring systems, open/closed loop and process control, automobile industry and plastics technology

EF-ecoflow Series is an inexpensive alternative to the VS Series with aluminium housing and lower technical standards, such as accuracy.

  • Flow range from 0,05 to 150 l/min uo to 1.666,7 Hz frequency
  • Viscosity range from 2 to 10.000 cSt
  • Operating conditions up tp 200 bar and from 0 to 80°C
  • Applications: viscous media as oils, lubricants and printing inks

VHM Series are dead spaced optimized for easy flushing use with liquids of high abrasiveness and poor lubricity.

  • Flow range from 0,01 to 20 l/min up to 1.000 Hz frequency
  • Viscosity range from 1 to 20.000 cSt
  • Operating conditions up tp 250 bar and from -20 to 120°C
  • Applications: paints, dyes, coatings, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and two component mixers

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Turbine flowmeters are precise and reliable measuring equipment

Designed for varied applications, VTR flowmeters can be installed even under the harshest application conditions, including oil, petrochemical and chemical industries, as well as other industrial sectors.

Basically, VTR Series consists of a rotor, a housing and the measurement pick-up. The flow of fluid activates the rotor. When the rotor blades interrupt the magnetic field lines of the pick-up system, the motion of the rotor is detected. As a result of the specific inner diameter, the turbine's revolutions are directly proportional to the flow.


  • Flow range from 110 l/h to 7.500 m3/h up to 1.300 Hz frequency
  • Operating conditions up to 250 bar and –40°C to 120°C
  • Viscosity range from 1 to 5 cSt


  • Water and water-like substances
  • Oils
  • Petrochemicals

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Helical-screw flowmeters ensure a low-resistance, high-precision measurement

RS flowmeters are based on the screw pump principle. The newly developed rotor profiles gently transport the media after hving optimized material and technology in the bearing area. The also new sensor module significantly enhances the functionality of this meter. The device features a programmable signal filter able to offset unwanted or negative pulse sequences and to detect and save the values that exceed the indicated flow and temperature values.


  • Flow range from 0 to 3.000 l/min up to 100 kHz frequency
  • Viscosity range from 1 to 1.000.000 cSt
  • Operating conditions up to 450 bar and from -30 to 120°C


  • Process technology
  • Hydraulics
  • Highly viscous fluids, abrasive adhesives and sealants


  • Gentle fluid measurement, pulsation-free measurement and short response time
  • High precision mostly independent of viscosity
  • High on functionality due to intelligent sensor technology
  • Lowest pressure losses

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VSE supplies flowmeters of the highest quality and within shortest development times, providing solutions tailored to the client's individual requirements.

Performance data examples

  • Operating conditions up to 700 bar and 210°C
  • Weight improvement down to <400 g
  • Materials: steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and bronze; other on request

Application examples

  • Hydraulics
  • Offshore
  • Technology
  • Automotive industry

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Evaluation devices

  • Application-oriented electronic evaluation devices
  • Comprehensive program and individual solutions

Competent application consultation

  • Medium-application
  • Compatibility
  • Mechanics and electronics

User-oriented documentation

  • Installation, operation and maintenance
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance service


  • Loan equipment
  • 24 hour service, if required


  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • 100% quality control
  • Made in Germany
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